Millennium Institute

Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry
Honorary Professor, UHI

The Birchall Centre

Lennard-Jones Laboratories
Keele University
Staffordshire, ST5 5BG, UK.

Prof. C. Exely

Group Leader – Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory

I am a biologist (University of Stirling) with a PhD in ecotoxicology of aluminum. My career in research (1984-present) has focused on an intriguing paradox; “Why is the third most common element of the Earth’s crust (aluminum) not essential and largely unsuitable for life?”

Explaining this mystery has required research in many fields: from basic inorganic chemistry, from the reaction of aluminum and silicon, to the potentially complex bioavailability of aluminum in humans. In addition, I am also fascinated by the element silicon in relation to living things that is almost eradicated from biological functions. Silicon is the second most common element on earth.

A possible function of silicon is to exclude aluminum from biology (biota). This includes a large part of the research in our group. We are also interested in the biological silicification (election).


Tap water contains very low levels of dissolved silicon or silica (often referred to as silica), which is not health-promoting. I think everyone should drink silicon-rich mineral water every day to remove toxic aluminum from their bodies and brains. Over the past ten years, my team at Keele University has been researching the effectiveness of drinking water rich in silicon to remove aluminum from the body. Aluminum is a toxin that is strongly linked to the development of Alzheimer’s and other human diseases, including Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Unfortunately, aluminum is found on a large scale in our area. We live in the “aluminum age” and our body collects it over time, especially in our brains. What we have shown in clinical studies involving both healthy individuals and individuals with a disease is that drinking about one liter of mineral-rich mineral water daily can accelerate the removal of toxic aluminum from the body via the kidneys and ultimately urine. In fact, our studies have shown that people experienced a significant reduction in their body load of aluminum, including a drop of up to 70% in one case, in a period of just 12 weeks. Silicon-rich mineral water helps remove aluminum from the body because it is rich in soluble silicon or silica. This form of silicon follows water molecules through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream where it forms a chemical connection with aluminum; hydroxyaluminosilicate. This form of aluminum can easily be filtered from the blood by the kidneys. That is why silicon-rich mineral water increases the excretion of aluminum in the urine.

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“We at 2D Silica waters B.V. want to emphasize that there is no business or official cooperation between Prof. dr. C. Exley and suppliers of silica water such as Spritzer, and 2D Silica waters B.V. Of course we welcome the promotion of regular drinking of silica water, but the professor’s research is in itself and does not relate to the brand or source of the silica water ”.