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Frequently Asked Questions


We have conveniently listed the questions about Silica Water that we encounter most often for you! Any other questions about Silica water? Then please use the contact form.

How much silica water should I drink per day ?

Nothing should of course, but according to science, drinking 1 liter of silica water per day is sufficient to continuously reap the benefits of the then available silicon(OSA/ silica).

What does Silica/Silicum do in the body?

Benefits of high silica:

  • Drainage Aluminum via urine and sweat.
  • Stimulate Collagen.
  • Stimulation Fibroblasts (wound healing).
  • Stimulation Osteoblasts (bone formation).
  • Inhibition Osteoclasts.(bone loss).
  • Increase Glycosaminoglycans.(GAGs tissue strength).
  • Promotes calcium absorption.

In the human body, high concentrations of silicon are found in connective tissue and its derivatives, including bone, cartilage, tendons, skin, hair, nails, the aorta, major blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, liver, kidneys and lungs. Silica is thus indispensable in our bodies and to keep our bodies healthy, a daily dose of silica is thus a good support.

I want regular delivery, is that possible?

Our subscriptions in the web shop can be changed as desired, after completing the standard offer we can customize the regularity and quantity !

Can I also boil the silica water?

Silica water is natural artesian spring water and you can use it like normal water, the silicon content remains intact and effective even after it is boiled !

How is the Silica added ?

Silica water is made by nature and man cannot mimic this process. Through 15 years of filtering rainwater through the tropical soil layer, the earth's silica is coupled with the water... UNIQUE!

Why isn't everyone drinking silica water yet ?

Many people simply do not delve enough into the potency and properties of nature's most important substance.

Why plastic and not glass?

Plastic is a problem we are all responsible for from producer to consumer.

Spritzer does everything possible to minimize its impact on the environment. Plastic is light and therefore transportation is much more economical, in addition, our plastic is of the highest quality and fully recyclable, without microplastics. Spritzer is trying to participate in the creation of a circular system for fully recyclable plastic. But for real enthusiasts and the hospitality industry, the glass bottle of ACILIS by Spritzer will come in 350 ml. and 1 liter in 2023!

Is your question not answered?

Email us with your question via the contact page and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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