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Why is silica water healthier than other spring water?

Silica water and health.

Silica water is a unique product made entirely by Mother Nature. That Silicon is a very important basic substance in our system is known to many, that it is available in the form of silica (OSA) as water is unfortunately still unknown to many. Science tells us that 1 liter per day is enough to maintain our Silicon. So... Silica water and health, how easy can it be?

Silica supplements?

There are numerous supplements and forms on the market that try to mimic this power of nature, but ACILIS by Spritzer® Silica water is many times more powerful with an ideal PH value, your body absorbs it like water even before it leaves your stomach !

So silica water gives your blood an instant boost of silica, and there is no supplement that can achieve that.


Silicon in the form of Ortho Silicic Acid (silicic acid) has many functions in our body and often serves as a basic ingredient in the initiation of many processes such as collagen production and wound healing, among others. As we age, the Silicon content in our body becomes lower and this contributes to the aging process. When you maintain good levels of silicon, your body is well able to adequately replenish the inside of your body with collagen and cleanse it of aluminum, among other things, while at the same time taking care of your appearance from the inside by replacing all your cells faster, repairing, strengthening and keeping them supple.

This will give you tighter supple skin and beautifully shiny hair and nails. How easy do you want to maintain your body? Silica water, your body deserves that respect!

Silicon the forgotten medicine!

Silicon deficiency.

Silicon/OSA/Physical Acid/SiO2 are all organic Silica and are used in the body as a base material for the protein collagen, this protein provides renewal of many cells in our body that determine the inner and outer appearance of our overall health. According to recent studies, it has been found that deficiency of Silicon can lead to:

  • Joint and bone disorders such as; Sclerosis, Rheumatism, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Osteoporosis.

  • Cardiovascular disorders.

  • Immunity problems.

  • Arteriosclerosis.

  • Skin, hair and nail disorders such as; Psoriasis, nail calcification, hair loss.

The benefits of a surplus of Silicon are actually overwhelming, beyond minimizing the risk of the above conditions, ACILIS by Spritzer® silica-rich water gives you a daily rejuvenation cure when taken regularly. It is also responsible for the removal of aluminum from our body thereby reducing the risk of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson's etc. caused by aluminum accumulations in the brain.

The silica water

How to Use Silica Water.

Making tea and coffee

According to tea experts, brewing tea with natural spring water with a Ph value of 6-8 is ideal and most flavorful. In addition, the liquid Silicon from our water is not lost and thus also provides your daily collagen booster.

That's why you brew your tea and coffee with ACILIS by Spritzer® Silica water, of course!


Of course Silica water is an optimal ingredient for all your mixes for Smoothies or cock/mocktails! Surely the best and most delicious spring water in the world is only good enough for your fizzy cocktail creation or super healthy power smoothie.

Protein Shakes

Exercise and recovery, nothing is better than high silica levels directly absorbable in the blood. Only our unique Silica Water can pull this off. Make your muscles hard as stone and supple as water. So you better make your shakes with the most powerful spring water available. Besides the basic ingredients, your shake now also has a load of silica to optimally prepare your muscles for super recovery. ACILIS by Spritzer® keeps your body tight and supple!

Silica water is a gift from nature to easily maintain essential Silicon.

Why Silicon is not yet included in health care is a mystery. Silicon has proven to be a great remedy for centuries and is widely used in supplements. That it simply comes out of the ground in dissolved form as water and in this way can provide great results in the body is currently experiencing a revival. As Louis Pasteur announced, Silicon is going to play a major role in health care.

Fortunately, there is now legion of research, both clinical and anecdotal that proves Silica water has special powers in it, peer reviewed and all for the critics. As the only drug in the world, it has clinically demonstrated cognitive improvement in Alzheimer's.

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What does science say about silica water

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Studies and expert opinions on silica

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