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The composition of ACILIS by Spritzer® Silica Water

These ingredients have been mixed with water by Mother Nature to provide us with the most useful minerals available.

Silica / OSA / SiO2

60 mg/L


3.1 mg/L


36 mg/L


3.7 mg/L


93 mg/L


22.1 mgL

Nicer, sharper and fitter with ACILIS by Spritzer ®

The water source

Where does ACILIS by Spritzer® come from?

The unique location of the spring allows the process to create silica water. Maxwell Hills is one of the most irrigated areas and the soil is very rich in the best minerals.

Derived from an artesian (spontaneously over-pressurized) source of an aquifer deep beneath the Malaysian tropical rainforest.

The unique water with naturally created high silica content .

Hygienically bottled at source in a 330-acre Eco-park (the size of 266 soccer fields) naturally surrounded by tropical flora and fauna. Its unique smooth taste is refreshing and inherently cleansing.

In cooperation with the Malaysian government, this area is protected from pollution and overuse for the sake of preserving the pristine nature that makes this pure Silica water possible.

Spritzer EcoPark

A great experience!

With the idea of preserving this national heritage for future generations, Spritzer has combined fun, education and heritage in the form of Spritzer EcoPark. The park has been open to the public since July 8, 2015.

With recreational facilities and activities, historical and educational attractions and tours, it is is a retreat. Ideal for both families and friends who want to spend a nice time together.

If you enjoy recreational group activities, there are the Signature Hole Golf and 18-hole miniature golf courses to keep you entertained. The latter is the first outdoor course of its kind! If exploring is your preference visit the factory of Malaysia's largest bottled water manufacturer and learn all about it while entering the Discovery Tunnel. Or explore the wonders of the rainforest on the Tree Tag Walkabout. There is a special Kidz Zone to learn crafts with recycled materials. An experience enjoyable for families of all ages.

Visit Cactus Rock

Receive blessings and make a wish with your loved ones on this 214-million-year-old rock! Save all these new memories AND seal your love in a lock at the Heart Lock Corner. Take a stroll along the nostalgic street at the Spritzer EcoPark. Where heritage preservation is the focus. Step into a piece of Malaysian history as you walk past railroad sleepers from the country's first and oldest Taiping train station. Recuperate after a long day of fun by relaxing and unwinding at the cozy STG cafe. Make these moments an unforgettable experience by stopping by the souvenir store. A great experience is best shared with friends back home!

Read more about the Spritzer EcoPark

Innovative recyclable BPA free plastic!

There is a lot to do about plastic these days and rightly so. We as producers and consumers must take responsibility in the use and disposal of this convenient yet polluting packaging material.

The plastic used for our bottles is of the very highest quality just like our water. The BPA-free plastic is not only fully recyclable but also, according to independent research, leaves no (_0,000...) microplastic residue in the water .

The innovative bottle construction of the 1500 ml. and 9500 ml. bottles also allows for a cá 70% reduction in bottle size, which makes a huge difference in disposal. You easily fold the bottle small and screw the cap back on.

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