Substance Quantity Unit
Silica 55.2 MG/L
Potassium 3.1 MG/L
Calcium 36 MG/L
Magnesium 3.7 MG/L
Bicarbonate 93 MG/L
Sulfate 22.1 MG/L
Chloride 0.78 MG/L

Total Dissolved Solids 198 mg/l
pH Value 7.10

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Product Description

ACILIS by SPRITZER® is naturally rich in dissolved Silica and naturally filtered by 128 meters of rock and sandstone layers, coming from an artesian water source deep beneath the pristine rainforest in the Maxwell Hills of Malaysia. It has a silicon dioxide content of 55.2 mg/L, a perfectly balanced pH value of 7.10 and is sold in PET and BPA free bottles that are fully recyclable.

Our water is naturally vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and nuts-free; Free of sugars, sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives and halal certified. It is suitable for people of all ages to drink and interferes with no medications.

We have worked closely with our friends at Spritzer to develop ACILIS by SPRITZER® in the Netherlands and Europe. A delicious tasting, natural silica water, which is bottled at the source, is free of contaminants and is sold in safe PET and BPA free bottles that are fully recyclable.

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Professor Exley’s research has highlighted a definitive link between aluminum accumulation in the body and neurological disorders and has shown that the daily use of natural Silica rich water aluminum from the body Remove.

Silica is also known to promote softer skin like shinier hair, stronger nails and supple joints.

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