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Silica water drinking water mini dispenser is super convenient for the kitchen or workplace.

2D Silicawaters brings you the convenient Mini Dispensers to enjoy ACILIS by Spritzer Silicawaters anywhere.

Together with our 9.5 Liter bottles, you'll always have ACILIS by Spritzer on tap.

Made of high quality plastic and provides a perfect vacuum connection to the 9.5 L bottle so that drinking water remains in optimal condition.

Available exclusively from 2D Silicawaters B.V.

These handy mini Dispensers are available in Gray and Green.

This is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to drink Silica water, the 9.5 Ltr bottles feature an innovative "crush zone" that allows them to be made small after use and vacuum sealed again after putting the white cap back into the screw top.