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No aluminum, no Alzheimer's

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The link between Aluminum and Alzheimer's!

Scientific finding: no aluminum - no Alzheimer's!

The research by British scientists shows that if it were not for the aluminum factor. Alzheimer's disease could not be as widespread as it is today.

This conclusion was reached after research at Keele University in the United Kingdom. Led by Professor Christopher Exley, a world-leading authority on aluminum.

The scientific study also suggests a remedy to rid the body of this toxic metal. And thereby reduce the risk of developing this form of dementia. His team has shown that regular drinking of silicon (silica) acid. (found naturally in silica-rich water as ACILIS by SPRITZER ®) may be an antidote to toxic aluminum by helping to remove the metal through urine and sweat.

Watch Professor Exley research findings in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. In it, he says, "essentially, without aluminum in brain tissue, there would be no Alzheimer's disease."

Bottom link refers to "Neurotoxicity of Aluminum" by Professor Qiao Niu

This 2018 book contains research findings from several scientists on the link between aluminum neurotoxicity and cognitive impairment as well as Alzheimer's disease. "Given the depth of the report, it provides the reader with a systematic summary of the neurotoxicity of aluminum."

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Neurotoxicity of Aluminum

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